Restructuring and liquidation

Costs can add up quickly for things such as reducing or eliminating product or service lines, canceling contracts, eliminating divisions, writing off assets, closing facilities, and relocating employees. Entering a new market, adding products or services, training new employees, and buying property results in extra costs as well. New characteristics and amounts of debt often result, whether a business expands or contracts its operations.
We understand that restructuring can be tempestuous as it may include painful processes like adjustment of the company and laying off. But once it is done, the company gets on track with smoother and economically sound operations. Productivity as well as effectiveness of the company rises leading way to new goals.
It is in the best interest of the companies to go through a restructuring following the most economically and legally efficient order. So, whether your company is interested in alternations in procedures, locations, preparing for a sale, buyout, change in overall structure or simply transfer of the assets, we offer one of the best legal representation and assistance in Turkmenistan.