Environmental law

With advances in technology, changes in the legal landscape and increased concern about environmental issues, companies must take care that their actions do not endanger the environment or fail to comply with environmental regulations. Businesses whose operations affect the environment in one way or another are understandably concerned about regulatory compliance. Environmental issues are complex, serious matters that involve significant financial and reputational risk. Therefore, it is crucial for clients to have experienced lawyers in their corners.
Companies must have all the required permits, pass intense inspections and carry environmental insurance policies to meet with the standards set by state environmental agencies. Without these permits, companies may face lawsuits and stiff fines.
With the depth to manage all aspects of complex environmental issues, Hukukchy covers all the day-to-day demands of clients at the local, regional and national level. Focused on the details, we operate efficiently and give full attention critical points. Whether it is managing complex documentation, taking expert depositions or presenting the case to a court, we have the experience and resources to handle environmental matters.