Labour law

We understand the importance of labour relations in the operation of any business sector. These relations impose a number of obligations on employers. Our company provide variety of services interconnected with labour relations. Our in-depth knowledge of law and market standards enables us to provide the best legal advice in labour law related matters.
We advise a company on regular basis on development in Labour law and related regulations and standards. Our practice and expertise in Labour law enable us to provide legal advice in personnel optimization, deals with complex cases regarding modification and termination of employment agreements, conduct due diligence of personnel documents and represents employers’ interest during audits by State labour inspectors and occupational centers. We promptly devise effective ways to resolve a conflict or dispute with a governmental authority or an employee at the early stage.
We provide legal advice in range of labour aspects, including employment, compensation, tax and benefits. Besides these legal services include advising on issues from executive compensation, incentives, labour employee relations, disputes, HR policies and privacy, to restructuring and pensions. Our company understand your needs and support you in all circumstances from the everyday to the exceptional.
Our services include:
- Drafting/reviewing bylaws; internal policies, model employment contracts, HR documentation;
- Advising on adaptation and implementation of internal policies of foreign companies in Turkmenistan;
- Amendment of personnel documents according to requirements of national Labour law;
- Preparation of data protection agreements and data protection compliance;
- Advising on all aspects of labour safety requirements, including settlement of employment injury;
- Audit of HR documentation in order to reveal and eliminate defects and avoid sanctions to be imposed by controlling authorities;
- Legal assistance of employers on employment matters on a daily basis and/or a complex issue arise, including in course of redundancy, dismissal and dissolution of companies;
- Legal support of employers in course of State Labour audits, i.e. by labour inspection, prosecutors, etc.
- Pre-judicial settlement of representation in courts on employment and employment related disputes.