Dispute resolution

The method of dispute resolution plays crucial role in the whole process of the settlement. Our company will assist you in selecting the right method and guide you through the whole process until the successful resolution. Whether it is mediation, adjudication, arbitration or litigation.
We work with our clients to manage the risk and to avoid litigation wherever possible. We provide pretrial dispute settlement and advise on structuring of transactions and investments from a dispute resolution point of view (issues concerning applicable law, legal venue, investment protection according to national and international law). We are committed to resolving disputes as efficiently as possible and are focused on offering solutions that are practical and commercial.
Our company represents its clients in arbitration proceedings as well as in local courts (civil, administrative proceedings involving state agencies). Our approach to dispute resolution is strategic and efficient. We work closely with our clients in executing an agreed strategy which delivers best results. That makes us different from other legal companies.
Our services include:
- Early case assessment: independent assessment of case prospects and parties’ positions;
- Development of defense strategy, drafting dispute resolution agreements;
- Legal support during enforcement proceedings (development of plans for protection of debtors);
- Restructuring and insolvency;
- Enforcement of court acts and arbitral awards;
- Legal due diligence.