Technology business must adapt quickly to constantly and rapidly developing technology market in order to stay competitive. Our company provide comprehensive legal advice related to registration, transfer and use of intellectual property rights, including trademarks, inventions, copyright, domain names, etc. We assist our clients to assess and overcome commercial, legal, regulatory and structural risks, while focusing on driving innovation and reducing costs. We work with a range of technology developers and vendors on their major transaction, disputes and regulatory issues. Our team, specialists in financial services regulation, tax, data protection, employment law and intellectual property. Our services include legal assistance with the following: - Licensing and permits; - Structuring and negotiating transitional service and commercial agreements for variety of functions; - Corporate structuring; - Registration of legal entities; - Advertising and marketing; - Content development and distribution; - Protecting rights to intellectual property; - Negotiation on behalf of clients with other parties to transactions; - Analyses of the options provided by laws of Turkmenistan, legal requirements to commercial; activities in the market, advice on the risks and legal remedies available in case of breach and termination of contracts.