Among the legal services we provide to businesses, commerce and trade take a distinct place. Our team understands the importance of commercial and trade relations in today's business. Thus, our company offers effective, practical legal advice to our clients on launching new products in the Turkmen market and vice versa. We provide legal support in making contracts, negotiations as well as represent their interests. Combining our experience in production, logistics, contracts, merchant shipping, sea carriages, information technology, retail, we offer the most effective solutions in the context of our clients’ specific business interests. We provide high-quality legal advice in the sphere of commercial law to assist our clients with transnational projects in the most effective way and to reduce the risk of conflict occurring with customs and other government bodies of Turkmenistan. Our lawyers have profound knowledge, and they are qualified in all aspects of customs, currency regulation in Turkmenistan. Nowadays, commercial disputes around the world are becoming more difficult to navigate. Among primary influencing factors are expanding international business, changing regulatory requirements or complex cross-border transactions. Our commercial and trade law practice allow us also to help in the settlement of commercial disputes between the transacting parties. We help our clients to implement measures to avoid disruptive, large-scale litigation and to ensure that, whenever possible, they do not become involved in disputes. However, if a dispute arises, we ensure that they are equipped with resources and information to reach a prompt and successful decision. We provide the following legal services, among others, in relation to commercial and trade law: - Analysis of contractual relations, drafting contacts, analysis, of the options provided in laws of Turkmenistan; - Advise on the regulatory requirements to commercial activities in the market; - Advising on import and export of goods, including customs goods clarifications, charges and regulations; - Product conformity issues, licensing and certification; - Distribution and supply agreements; - Advice on the risks and legal remedies available in case of breach or termination of contracts.