• Hukukchy team

  • 27 Jan, 2021

Results of the round table

On January 27, the law firm "Hukukchy" organized a round table with representatives of online stores and trading platforms, where they discussed legal issues of doing business on the Internet. More than twenty projects took part in the event, which was held in two sessions - in Russian and Turkmen. The speaker was the managing partner of the company, Ph.D. Jumamyrat Gurbanov.
The topics discussed during the round table were pressing mater for online businessmen, including questions: What types of activities in accordance with the State Classifier of Types of Economic Activities they carry out? Whether it is necessary to open a legal entity for conducting such activities? Shall we obtain a license in order to carry out this or that type of activity? The most interesting for the participants was the question on What types of agreements should be concluded in accordance with the needs of entrepreneurs? What should be taken into account when concluding this type of agreements? and What points to pay attention to before signing an agreement? They also discussed the peculiarities of taxation and the ways of obtaining an Internet domain. The participants shared with their experience, and lawyers also pointed out to problems they most often face in their practice.
As a result of the survey of the participants, the event was rated with 4.7 points from a five-point scale. Additional questions that were not included in the planned program will be answered individually by the “Hukukchy” team via e-mail.

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