• Anonymous

  • 12 Jan, 2021

Round table on the topic "Legal Foundations of Electronic Commerce"

Hukukchy Company would like to express its deepest respect to you!
We invite you to take part in a round table on the topic "Legal Foundations of Electronic Commerce". This topic will be useful for companies and entrepreneurs who are engaged in or plan to engage in distance selling via the Internet. At the meeting, our specialists will provide you with information on the legal requirements for the implementation of electronic commerce in Turkmenistan, on the establishment of this activity in accordance with the law. You will also get the opportunity to hear answers to your questions on this topic or questions about the problems you encountered in practice.
The Hukukchy company is engaged in providing legal advice to individuals and legal entities. Since its foundation, Hukukchy has been cooperating with various local and foreign companies that are active in Turkmenistan in the oil and gas, telecommunications, engineering, construction, agricultural and other sectors of the economy, including e-commerce. The Hukukchy team of specialists consists of experienced highly qualified lawyers with academic achievements and degrees, as well as young and promising lawyers. Considering the composition of the team, we can confidently say that the services of our company will fully meet the modern requirements of conducting economic activities in Turkmenistan.
Our team considers it relevant and necessary to hold a round table on the topic "Legal framework for electronic sales" to support the development of entrepreneurship and online sales in Turkmenistan.
We will be glad to see you at our meeting, which will be held on January 27, 2021 in Rysgal business center. More exact time and venue will be discussed with potential participants later. Participation in the round table is free. You can pre-send your questions on this topic by email to info@hukukchy.com or by filling out the form on the company's website at https://hukukchy.com in the Contact us section so that we include answers to them in the syllabus.
The contact phone number for registration of the round table participants: +993 12 96 48 81.