About Hukukchy

Established in 2017, Hukukchy Economic Society is one of the few law firms in Turkmenistan that provide legal support and consulting services. Since its establishment, Hukukchy has been working with various national and international companies which are actively continuing their business existence in Turkmenistan in oil and gas, telecommunication, engineering, construction, agriculture and other business industries.

Hukukchy focuses mainly on business related legislation of Turkmenistan, including contract, corporate, labor, commercial and trade, tax, currency, oil and gas, investment, administrative laws and regulations of Turkmenistan. With its 3 attested and licensed partners, 4 associates, 2 junior associates, Hukukchy has a team with longtime experience, knowledge and best practice who handles challengeable legal matters in order to gain real interest for its national and international clients.

In terms of starting up and doing business in Turkmenistan, Hukukchy provides legal consultation services from establishment of a legal entity in any form (depending on inquiry of clients and their operational activities), to de-registration/liquidation of the business entities at respective authorities of Turkmenistan.

Legal experts of the Hukukchy provide legal support on contractual relations of its clients and counsel during the whole process of contract signing and implementation. As for contract implementation practice, Hukukchy provides legal consulting services on defining contract type during preliminary negotiations of its clients, drawing up a contract, or analyzing the contract already drawn up in accordance with local and international rules and regulations.

Hukukchy also advises clients from labor, tax, currency and banking, insurance legislation perspective, and provides explanations, legal memos and opinions in resolving misinterpretations and/or protects interests of its clients in dispute resolution matters which may arise during contract implementation.

Additional to what is usual for its legal expert team, Hukukchy keeps clients updated on business related laws and regulations of Turkmenistan in order to ensure compliance of its clients’ business operational activities within the framework of effective local laws and regulations.